Swim school offers group lessons for children 3 to 12 years old at the BCRD Aquatic Center during June, July, and August. Skill-based, leveled group lessons are offered in two-week sessions with 30-minute classes Monday through Thursday. The instructor to student ratio for group lessons is 1:4.

When: June 14 - August 19, 2021

Sessions are offered in 6 different time slots: 11am, 11:45am, 12:30pm, 1:15pm, 4:30pm, 5:15pm

 Session 1  June 14-24
 Session 2  June 28-July 8
 Session 3  July 12-22
 Session 4  July 26-August 5
 Session 5  August 9-19

Cost: $42 per session
Thanks to Atkinson's Market, scholarships are available. Please inquire when you register.

Age Requirements:

All swim school participants MUST be 3 years old or older by the start of their session. Due to COVID, we will not be offering swim lessons for children under the age of 3 years old.

Limited Capacity:
 Due to COVID-19, we are greatly reducing the number of children who will be allowed in each swim session. Because of this, each child may only pre-register for 3 sessions for the summer. You may be added to a waitlist for additional sessions and spaces will be filled if available 2 weeks prior to the start of the session. 

Registration is offered in-person at BCRD's FitWorks Front Desk or over the phone at (208) 578-2273.

Our instructors will decide which ability-based group is best for your child on the first day of the session.
You must decide and register your child for either BEGINNER or ADVANCED. Please read below PRIOR TO registering your child to ensure you registered him/her in the correct level.

BEGINNER LEVEL: This level ranges from a child who has little to no swimming experience but is willing to sit on the top step of the pool AND is comfortable being held in the water to a child who is comfortable putting their head in the water and can swim 5 yards unassisted. Minnows, Jellyfish and Goldfish are all considered "Beginner" level. 

This level ranges from a child who can swim completely underwater and for 10-15 yards up to a child who is comfortable swimming the length of the pool and is working on refining a variety of swim strokes. Beta Fish, Sting Rays, and Sharks are all considered "Advanced" level.

MINNOWS (Level 2) FULL for 2021.

  • 3 years or older
  • willing to sit on top step
  • comfortable being held in water
Objectives: Safety skills, comfortable in the water, blow bubbles from nose, bobbing, kicking with proper form, back and front float with assistance, 'superman' arms (streamline) with assistance, willing to jump into the water while holding instructor's hand

JELLYFISH (Level 3) FULL for 2021.

  • willing to put head underwater
  • comfortable being horizontal in water
Objectives: Safety skills, front and back float without assistance, bubble blowing from nose, bobbing, underwater swim (3-5 meters), kick board without assistance, intro to front crawl

GOLDFISH (Level 4) FULL for 2021.

  • swim 5 yards unassisted
  • comfortable in the deep end of pool
Objectives: Safety skills, child can jump in and swim 5 meters to instructor, turn onto a back float and swim out of it, underwater swim (5-10 meters), kick board width of pool, kick on back without assistance, bobbing in the deep end, knee dive into a swim, grab a ring in deep end with assistance, knowledge of "froggy kick" (breaststroke kick) 

BETA FISH (Level 5)

  • swim 10 - 15 yards
  • comfortable swimming completely underwater
Objectives: Safety skills, child can swim the width of the pool with assistance, knowledge of standing diving, kick board the length of the pool, underwater swim 10 meters, bobbing in the deep end without assistance, 'froggy kick' on kick board without assistance, backstroke without assistance, front crawl (freestyle)mastered

STING RAYS (Level 6)

  • swim width of pool
  • comfortable with basics of freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke
Objectives: Safety skills, mastery of backstroke, mastery of breaststroke, can swim the width of the pool in backstroke and breaststroke,  can swim the length of the pool in front crawl (freestyle), knowledge of 'dolphin' (butterfly) kick, standing dive, treading water 1 minute

SHARKS (Level 7)

  • swim length of pool
  • comfortable building technique on all strokes  
Objectives: Safety skills, dive from block, swim 100 yards freestyle, underwater breaststroke pull, basic butterfly knowledge, swim 25 yards in backstroke and breaststroke, treading water 2 minutes, understanding of open water turns, sculling

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