Quigley Trails Park is closed for Paving August 8-14.  

Quigley Canyon's proximity to schools and neighborhoods in the southern Wood River Valley make it a popular outdoor recreation spot for youth, adults, seniors, and families. The BCRD works with the community, supporters and partners like Quigley Farm, the Wood River Land Trust, the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation and the City of Hailey to create sustainable, year-round recreational opportunities in Quigley Canyon. For more information on winter trails at Quigley Canyon, visit Quigley Nordic.

Quigley Trails Park

Check our Summer Trailink for up-to-date trail information.

Quigley Trail Park features a pump track, jump lines, flow lines, and a skills area.

Pump Track: A continuous circuit of dirt rollers, berms and jumps that loop back on themselves, allowing you to ride continuously. The goal is to make loops on the track using the features to gain speed without pedaling.

Jump Lines: Three progressions of jump lines designed so that when you land one jump, you're set up for the next. There are jumps for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, allowing you to build confidence and skills on the easier lines before moving up to the next.

Flow Trails: Flow trails emphasize speed and rhythm, and are offered for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders. The trails includes berms, rollers, jumps, and other features that are designed in a way that uses the rider's momentum to minimize pedaling and braking.

Skills Area: The skills area is for riders to practice bike balance and handling to get you ready for the trails.

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Quigley Loop Trail

The Quigley Loop Trail is a 4.2-mile loop in Quigley Canyon that is open to bicyclists, hikers, and equestrians. It is built wide enough to accommodate side-by-side traffic and use by hand-cycles.

Access the Quigley Loop Trail from Quigley Canyon Road. Your use of this area is permitted by the private landowner Quigley Farm. Please respect private property by restricting your access to designated trails. 
This property is permanently protected by a conservation easement with the Wood River Land Trust. The Quigley Loop Trail was a collaborative effort with Quigley Farm, the Wood River Land Trust, and the BCRD.

More about the Quigley Canyon Project

For summer trail openings and closures, maps and trail details, visit summer TraiLink.

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