As part of the annexation of portions of Quigley Canyon into the City of Hailey, the Quigley Farm team and owners of Quigley Canyon have committed large parcels for public recreation and created a conservation easement extending out the canyon for close to four miles.  Given this opportunity, BCRD is working with the community, supporters and partners like Quigley Farm, Wood River Land Trust, Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation and the City of Hailey to create sustainable recreation in perpetuity in these areas of Quigley Canyon.

The Canyon's proximity to schools and neighborhoods of the south valley creates unique opportunities to connect youth, adult and seniors to healthy, active outdoor recreation.  BCRD is working with our partners to realize the extraordinary summer and winter trail opportunities in the canyon.

In 2018, BCRD created about 13 km of groomed Nordic ski trails in Quigley Canyon through a conservation easement and on BCRD property.  Adjacent to Wood River High School. this facility provides sunny and convenient outdoor opportunities for residents of Hailey and beyond and serves as the home for Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation's Hailey Devo Team.

In 2019, BCRD began the first phase of summer construction with the Quigley Loop Trail, a 4.2 mile loop in Quigley Canyon that is open to bicyclists, hikers, and equestrians.  It is built wide enough to accommodate side-by-side traffic and use by hand cycles.

In 2020, BCRD built the Quigley Trails Park on BCRD property on the south side of Quigley Canyon.  Quigley Trails Park features a pump track, a beginner pump track, jump lines, flow trails, and a skills area.

Another long-term planning effort includes working with partners and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to consider connecting summer non-motorized trails within the Quigley Canyon drainage to trails that are under consideration in the current BLM Travel Planning Process.  

In Spring 2021, BCRD began an organization-wide strategic planning process, including future phases of Quigley Trails Park.

To learn more about the future of Quigley Trails Park, please contact Morgan Buckert, Associate Director, Development and Communications, at (208) 578-5458 or

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