Pickleball is a paddle sport for all ages and athletic ability levels.  Using a wooden or composite racquet and a plastic wiffleball, this fast paced game is both strategic and fun. It has very simple rules and it is easy to learn and play.  The BCRD hosts six courts in the gymnasium and offers both daily and monthly rates.  The gymnasium is located inside the Community Campus at 1050 Fox Acres Road in Hailey, Idaho. For more information, contact the BCRD Front Desk @ (208) 578-2273. If you would like to purchase Pickleball equipment, BCRD players receive 5% off at PickleballCentral.com. Enter code CRBCRD at checkout.


*Pickleball is finished for the summer*

 Pickleball program times are below or on the gymnasium schedule. Please do not plan to play pickleball during open gymnasium time.  
Drop-In Rotation Pickleball

What: Individual players of all ability levels are welcome. For Drop-in Play, winners of the game stay on the court and split and two people waiting would come on. The losers would come off and choose which court they would want to wait for. If only one player is waiting, one of the losing players stays on too. If no one is waiting the four players can choose to play again or wait for another court. BCRD has placed a limit on 30 people at any time in the gym. A BCRD Pickleball Ambassador may be there to help organize, please follow their instructions Courts have suggested skill level assignment. 

Cost: $5/player/day
 or monthly unlimited play $30/player/month
or included with a FitWorks PLUS membership- more info

When: Drop-In Rotation play is postponed until further notice

Team Pickleball - CLOSED for Summer 2021

What: Groups who seek to play with specific players based on their level of play. Teams come as a group of 4 and utilize a court during the allotted time. Teams do not have to rotate from court to court. If there are more than 6 teams present, each team must take a turn rotating off the courts to allow waiting teams to play. BCRD has placed a limit on 30 people at any one time in the gym. BCRD Pickleball Rules & Guidelines 2020-21.pdf

Cost: $5/player/day
 or monthly unlimited play $30/player/month
or included with a FitWorks PLUS membership- more info

When: Monday through Thursday 10:30am-12:30pm  


Pickleball Beginner/Intermediate Clinics

Cost: $5/player 

Details: Includes instruction and use of all necessary equipment. Enrollment is  limited to 16, reservations must be made in advance online.
Registration opens on the Monday prior to the clinic.

 All clinics are postponed until further notice
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