The BCRD Team is made up of committed members of the community both staff and volunteers, who believe in the value of recreation and who work to bring you  affordable, quality and great recreational experiences every day.
executive director staff board of directors galena trails & advisory committee

Mark Davidson, Executive Director

Ross Coleman

Ellie Punnett
Youth Sports Coordinator

Katrina Collins
Senior Finance &
Human Resources Assistant
Joan Kino
Director of Finance & Human Resources

Janelle Conners
Trails Assistant
Jim Nimeste
Trails & Grooming Staff

Kellee Blondell
Youth Coordinator
Heather Stanton
Fitness Manager

Morgan Buckert
Associate Director,
Development & Communications

Eric Rector
Director of Trails & Facilities
Eric Coury
Trails & Grooming Staff

Holly Gawlinski
Finance & Human Resources Assistant

Eric Thurmond
Aquatic Operations & Grooming

Chris Leman
Summer Trails

Jenna Vagias
Director of Recreation
Lance Levy
Customer Relationship Manager
Kathy Nice
Front Desk Administrator

Mike Burchmore
Board President
Mike represents citizens in the north county region.
(208) 806-1231

Mary Fauth
Mary represents citizens in the central county region.
(208) 720-4948

Mark Mary
Vice President
Mark represents citizens in the south county region.
(208) 788-0504


Alan Hogg (chair)

Paddy McIlvoy (co-chair)

Kelly Allison

Ted Angle

Erik Boe

Jenny Busdon

Courtney Hamilton

Will Hovey

Travis Jones

Jim Keller

Jim McClatchy

Muffy Ritz

Jim Santa

Joan Scheingraber

Don Shepler

Kris Thoreson

Erin Zell


Steve Haims

Dick Hare

Bob Rosso

Frank Rowland

Mike Turzian

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