Blaine County Recreation District provides healthy, active, and diverse recreational opportunities for our community. 

Equal access to recreational opportunities creates a healthy and thriving community.

Blaine County Recreation District enriches our community by creating exceptional recreational opportunities for all.

Inclusion: BCRD believes in recreational programs and facilities that are accessible and affordable to and inclusive of everyone in our community.

Impact: BCRD believes that recreation can positively impact everyone in our community.

Health: BCRD believes that the benefits of recreation leads to a fulfilling life.

Growth: BCRD believes that recreation provides personal growth to build a thriving community.

Since 1976, together with our staff, a three-person elected Board of Directors, partners, supporters and volunteers, we have brought affordable, accessible and quality recreation to Blaine County residents and visitors.  Through our various facilities and programs such as the Wood River Trail paved multi-use path, the Aquatic Center, FitWorks fitness center, our youth and adult sports and activities and Galena Lodge and its surrounding summer and winter trails, we strive to meet the needs of our growing community.  BCRD is an integral piece of Blaine County - annually across all our facilities and programs, we serve over 600,000 visits and enrollments by residents and visitors of all ages, abilities and socioeconomic backgrounds.

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