Miles of Smiles bicycle giveaway program is based on the idea that every child deserves a bicycle. In partnership with Brian Ross and Susan Reinstein, The Elephant's Perch and the Blaine County School District (BCSD), this unique and inspiring program brings much desired bicycles to local kids that might otherwise go without. Each spring we work with BCSD social workers to identify kids in need of a bicycle and by early June those kids are riding off into their summer adventures on their new bicycle. The bicycles provide these kids with transportation, exercise, an avenue to learn responsibility and safety, and have some fun! Thanks to community volunteers for helping to build the bicycles. Through this wonderful partnership, children in need in Blaine County have the chance to experience the joy of having their own bicycle. Kids who receive bicycles also receive safety tips, helmets and riding instruction.

For more information contact Morgan Buckert at (208) 720-9390 or