Blaine County Recreation District launched its Aquatic Center Revitalization project in 2017 to fulfill the community need for aquatics by teaching more kids to swim, sustaining an accessible resource, renewing an aging facility and increasing capacity.  Constructed in 1985, today the pool welcomes more than 22,000 visits each summer and is the cornerstone of aquatic recreation for residents and visitors of the Wood River Valley.

With the generosity of foundations, individual donors, the Land Water Conservation Fund, and BCRD budget allocations, every drop of support will bring this important project to fruition.  Phase 1 of the project, renovating the bathhouse, is already complete.  In phase 2, we will renovate the existing pool, construct a new zero-depth-entry leisure pool and whirlpool, upgrade the mechanical systems and improve the overall site.  Your contribution will ensure that our next generation will have access to this essential amenity.  Your investment in the BCRD Aquatic Center is an investment in our community! 

Why invest in the BCRD Aquatic Center?
The Aquatic Center Revitalization addresses the growing need for water-based programming in Blaine County.  BCRD has a long history of operating vital recreational amenities in a financially responsible and sustainable way.  From the Wood River Trail to Galena Lodge, it is easy to find examples of donor-supported BCRD projects that have become invaluable community assets.  The maintenance and operation of the revitalized aquatic facility will be realized with the BCRD's annual operating fund.  The BCRD's financial commitment, coupled with funds already raised, make the $2.5 million project a modest investment with a meaningful impact.

If you'd like to contribute or have any questions, please contact Morgan Buckert, Associate Director, Development and Communications, at (208) 720-9390,, or donate online today.

Every Drop Counts - Your support will make this project a reality! Donate to this capital project today!

  Aquatic Center Revitalization Project

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