Skier Responsibilities
  • Appreciate everyone’s right to enjoy the trails.
  • Be respectful of others—slow down, smile, say hello.
  • Keep your pass visible at all times.
  • A skier coming downhill has the right of way.
  • Respect the rights of slow skiers.
  • Be prepared for dogs on shared trails

Dog Responsibilities  
  • Your dog must be under voice and sight control at all times, or should be on a leash.
  • Your dog should not charge, chase or display aggression towards other skiers, dogs or wildlife on the trails.
  • Clean up after your dog — use bags at trailheads. Remember, only you can prevent piles!
  • Maximum two dogs per skier.
  • Ski within your dog’s ability to avoid dog/human injury.
  • If your dog is not "Trail Ready” please leave him/her at home

What is voice & sight control?
Your dog must be able to immediately obey a verbal command and must be seen by you at all times.

Fat Biking Etiquette/Responsibilities  
  • Riders must purchase and display a BCRD Nordic day or season pass when riding on groomed trails where passes are required
  • Trail access for Fat Bikes is dependent on conditions and riders should check the daily grooming report at winter for detailed trail access information
  • Purpose built Fat Bikes only!  Both tires must be wider than 3.6 inches and tire pressure must be less than 10 psi.  No exceptions!
  • Fat Bikes yield to all other users.  Stay out of the classic ski tracks and give skate skiers a wide berth.
  • Stay on your bike.  Footprints damage the trail.
  • If you are leaving a rut deeper than one inch or having a hard time riding in a straight line, or pushing your bike, then the snow is too soft and you should not be biking on the trail.
  • Be respectful of others - slow down, smile, and say 'hello'.
  • Be prepared to encounter dogs on shared trails.

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