Based out of the HUB Youth Center in the Community Campus in Hailey, the BCRD Recess From School  offers all day youth programming when school is out for holidays, parent/teacher conferences or in-service days.

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  On Campus Fun Field Trip
Daily $35 $55
Sciensational 2 day Workshop $150 N/A
Winter Break Session 1 $120 $210
Winter Break Session 2 $130 $155
Spring Break $130 $220

Click here for the 2017-2018 recess from school days calendar with prices and program options

what to bring
Active shoes and snow boots
2 or more snacks and a sack lunch (due to allergies, we ask you leave any peanut products at home)
Water bottle
Clothes appropriate for outdoor play

sciensational workshops
All registrations must be made six (10) days prior to program start date. Workshops will be cancelled if they do not meet a minimum of 8 participants. 

November 9-10 9:00-4:30pm $150
Harry Potter - Join Our Magical Mystery Tour - All aboard for lots of hands-on fun.  Join in the escapades of Harry and his friends.  Play quidditch.   Make an edible wand. We will brew some fantastic potions to drink.  Let's create and watch some amazing chemical reactions.  Watch a mirage appear.  You won't believe it!  Wonder where the sorting hat will place you?  Make cool crystals. Come join us where the magic of science, art, and literature meet.  Harry, Ron, and Hermoine are waiting for your arrival!  Experiment with colored magic sand. See a mysterious glowing ball. REGISTER TODAY

March 26-27 9:00-4:30pm $150/each or $285/both Spring Break workshops
Creative Engineering Workshop - Activites Include: Work with an advanced three dimensional construction kit that is yours to keep and take home.  Design and build simple or complex models of a vehicle, a robot or buildings.  You will also get your own 3-volt geared motor to power up a moveable Radar Surveyor.  Learn the many ways you can make your motor run.  Hands on is the only way, so prepare to build from directions, and from your own imagination!  REGISTER TODAY!

March 28-29 9:00-4:30pm $150/each or $285/both Spring Break workshops
The Amazing 4 in 1 Robot- Build your own interchangeable robot to take home with four unique modes. It is truely a four-in-one motorized robot kit. Learn how the different gears work as you are building. You will be building the Cricket--a joy on six legs. Build the Beast. It is a master of  bi-pedal movement. You better not get in its way! You will also build the Trailer--the little engine that could move forward thanks to its motorized transmission. Finally, the best of all, Grandpa-Bot Robot. It has huge eyes and is everyones favorite bobble-headed, gear driven family member. It is easy transforming between the four modes. Gain confidence, self esteem, and celebrate as you are the architect that built it. Plus have fun building a wide range of additional robotic designs with the Robotic Building System--Sumo wrestling matches, races and much more. Robots built in this portion of the workshop are not taken home. Have fun, learn, and have hands on experience the Sciensational way! REGISTER TODAY!

Apr 12-13 9:00-4:30pm $150
Prospectors Mystery Rock Workshop - You are going to be a Prospector (you know those people who were always looking for gold).  In this workshop you will get to excavate for valuable gems, fascinating rocks, and some ancient fossils.  All are yours to keep.  What hidden wonders will you find?  The identities of the 10 specimens found in your Mystery Rock have been kept a secret from you.  You will experience the thrill of discovery, much as prospectors did.  You will be able to identify each one.  Your specimens are in a hard clay material the same as prospectors found.  You will have to get them out without breaking or scratching them.  That’s not that easy.  You will get an excavation tool, specimen brush, log book, sorting trays and labels.  You will, as a Prospector, record the color, both wet and dry texture, and its ability to float for each of the 10 specimens you dig out.  Make an educated guess with our help to whether each one is a rock, gem, or fossil.  See how good you are.  You will learn from us the exact name and classification.  We give you hands-on science...Prospectors style - fun - educational - exciting!  REGISTER TODAY!

bcrd recess from school locations
Based out of the HUB, in the Community Campus, in Hailey, Idaho. 

bcrd recess from school times
Monday- Friday

Nicole Fisher |Program Coordinator | BCRD | (208) 578-2273 |

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