Pickleball is a paddle sport for all ages and athletic ability levels.  Using a wooden or composite racquet and a plastic wiffleball, this fast paced game is both strategic and fun. It has very simple rules and it is easy to learn and play.  The BCRD hosts six courts in the gymnasium and offers both daily and monthly rates. 

Pickleball at the BCRD will move to the Campion Hailey Ice House beginning Tuesday, June 6th

See below for more details:

Play will be available on Tuesday's and Thursday's
Play is from 9am - 12pm
$5 drop in fee or $30 for a 10 use punchcard
BCRD will provide green court tape to be used at the Ice House
Players are responsible for organizing and taping courts at the Ice House
Courts can be taped at the Ice House beginning Tuesday. May 30th at 9am
BCRD nets and outdoor balls (yellow/green) can be used at the Ice House
- All indoor balls (orange) will stay at the BCRD

For more information, contact Katie at the BCRD

PICKLEBALL has moved to the
Campion Ice House

Please contact Sarah Benson
at sbenson@haileyice.org
for more information

BCRD Pickleball Schedule:

Tuesday:   8 am - 10:30 am

8 am - 10:30 am

8 am - 10 am

12 pm - 2 pm

Daily Drop-In: $5 per player

Monthly Play:  $25 per player

Gymnasium Calendar: HERE

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