The Harriman Trail is a shining example of community and public agency cooperation, the BCRD began construction of the Harriman Trail in 1991 with a pledge from the Mary W. harriman Foundation. With community support, the BCRD was able to complete the Harriman Trail in July of 2001. In partnership with the US Forest Service, the BCRD manages, maintains the Harriman Trail year round. Framed by the majestic Boulder Mountains, the Harriman Trail is a four season non-motorized recreational pathway that follows an 18 mile course through nature's wonderland. Named in honor of W. Averell Harriman, this magnificent trail provides hiking, biking, equestrian and wildlife viewing opportunities for all. In winter, the trail is groomed for Nordic skiing by the BCRD and serves as a vital link for the entire BCRD Nordic Trail system. For more detailed trail information, visit winter trailink »

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